Approach Unlocking & Walk-away Locking

Approach Unlocking & Walk-away Locking

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Walk–away Locking:

The walk-away locking procedure initiates when a door is opened or closed. The vehicle locks when a smart key immediately adjacent to the outside of the opened door or within the vehicle moves beyond 2 m (78 in). Without driver intervention, the vehicle centrally locks and the alarm sensors activate once walk-away locking is complete. Walk-away locking also tracks any keys inside the vehicle to make sure they are seen externally before locking. Walk-away locking can be enabled or disabled via the Vehicle menu of System Settings.

Approach Unlocking:

Approach unlocking automatically unlocks the doors on the approached side of the vehicle when the smart key is detected within 1.5 m (59 in) of the vehicle. The unlocking and alarm disarm procedure is indicated by the side mirrors unfolding and direction indicators flashing the unlock flash sequence.

Approach unlocking can be enabled or disabled via the Vehicle menu of System Settings.

This unlock is only available on MY23 model defenders. 

The model year of your vehicle can be identified from the 10th digit of your vehicle identification number (VIN). If it is 'P', then the defender is MY23 model.

This service is only available at our HQ in Thetford.

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