LED Matrix Headlight Retrofit
LED Matrix Headlight Retrofit

LED Matrix Headlight Retrofit

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Perhaps the most visible of the forced downgrades caused by the global semiconductor shortage is the drop from LED Matrix headlights to the lower spec LED Premium lamps with signature DRLs. While the Premium lamps preserve the look of the Matrix units, you lose the advanced lighting technology which was marketed as a key feature of the high-tech new Defender.

Available only at

Hunters Prestige, this retrofit involves installing genuine Land Rover LED Matrix lamp units and activating the full set of features supported by these superior headlights.

Notice to our customers(

20th Feb):

We are now offering this retrofit with a much cheaper alternative option.

The cheaper option is to use a second hand matrix headlight which were sourced from break yards. However, this part does not come with the LR global warranty because it is a used part.

We do have the more expensive option for this retrofit service by using brand new parts.

When customers compare what's available on the market, it is important to notice the condition of the parts used for the retrofit.

This service is only available for fitment at our

Hunters Prestige HQ in Thetford.

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